SlimSpa Tummy & Thigh Strong (60s)

7 982 руб.

SlimSpa Tummy and Thigh is made of selected premium grade, traditional raw ingredients of natural, herbal and organic extract. It is manufactured in the USA, GMP certified facilities ensure consistent quality of the blend, purity and high effectiveness of SlimSpa Tummy and Thigh ingredients. SlimSpa Tummy and Thigh Strong contains key ingredients for rapid and effective weight loss. It is particularly effective around problem areas such as waist, tummy, thighs, arms and buttocks. SlimSpa Tummy and Thigh helps to regulate the body’s metabolic rate, energy expenditure and promote FAST reductions in weight and body fat. Boosting the metabolism and promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle, while trimming down your body weight.


Targets problem areas.
Burns Abdominal Fat.
 Burns Thigh Fat.
Blocks carbohydrates.
 Stimulates metabolism.

Recommended Usage

Consume one tablet 20 minutes before each meal with one large glass of water.
Breakfast: Take 1 tablet before Breakfast.
Lunch: Take 1 tablets before Lunch.
Dinner: Take 1 tablet before Dinner.