SlimSpa Slim & Detox Green Tea - Fruity Lemon (24s)

4 562 руб.

5 times more powerful than regular green tea! 100% No Sugar Added. Enjoy the elegant taste of our Green Tea selection. Grown on lush and fertile hills, selected with special care and carefully packed for extra freshness. Start losing weight fast, the healthy way!


Contains lotus, artichoke & Ling Zhi.
Full of powerful antioxidants.
Helps remove toxins from the body.
Helps prevent cancer.
Relieves fever.
Helps prevent common infections and illnesses.
Improves skin conditions.
Enhances immune system.
Calms nerves.

Recommended Usage

Use 1-2 tea bags each time with boiling hot water. Steep for 5 to 10 minutes before drinking. Add ice, non-fat milk or honey if desired. Gradually increase the tea strength as your digestive system adjusts.