SlimSpa Body Worx 90s

7 877 руб.

SlimSpa Body Worx is made of selected traditional raw ingredients of natural, herbal and organic extract. Manufactured in the USA, GMP certified facilities, ensuring consistent quality of the blend, purity and highest potency of SlimSpa “Body Worx” ingredients. SlimSpa “Body Worx” slimming formula, is powered by revolutionary active ingredients of selected potent thermogenic compounds, that are clinically proven to increase the body’s metabolic rate, energy expenditure and to help promote FAST reductions in weight and body fat. Boosting the metabolism and promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle, while trimming down your body weight.


✓ Eliminates sugar cravings.
✓ Blocks fat storage.
✓ Blocks starch.
✓ Accelerates fat loss.
✓ Direct nutrient re partitioning.
✓ Utilizes fat first for energy.
✓ Controls fluid balance.
✓ Enhances mood, energy and focus.
✓ Formulated for the South East Asian female body.

Recommended Usage

Breakfast: Take 2 tablet before Breakfast.
Lunch: Take 3 tablets before Lunch.
Dinner: Take 2 tablet before Dinner.