PNPlus Complete Senior's Multivitamin (150s)

9 098 руб.

Principle Nutrition Plus Complete Senior's Multivitamin contains strengthening nutrients such as Calcium, Lycopene, Lutein, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, E, and the antioxidants Vitamin A and C. These essential nutrients help to support a healthy immune system, brain health, bone strength and vision, and also reduces the risk of cancer of the prostate, lung, colon or stomach.

There are 30 nutrients which is higher in potency than many other vitamin and mineral combinations produced. Antioxidant protects cells against the damage caused by free-radicals-highly unstable forms of oxygen, lowers the risk of neovascular AMD, and also prevents free radicals from damaging eye cells and strengthens eye cell membranes.


Boosts energy.
Strengthens eyesight.
Supports immune system.
Improves bowel movements. 
Supports urinary functions.

Recommended Usage

Take two tablets per day with a meal.
Do not take this product within one hour of taking other medications.
Do not exceed the recommended dosage.