PNKids Strong & Tall (60s)

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PNKids Strong & Tall calcium plays a key role in building bone mass and promoting healthy teeth. Experts agree that investing on Calcium at an early age, proliferates growth and development of your child’s bones and may actually reduce occurrence of bone fractures later on in life.PNKids Strong and Tall is a complete formula of Calcium + Vitamin D that promotes strong healthy bones and teeth. It contains citrus pectin for better vitamin absorption.


Contains no milk and animal derivatives, suitable for people with lactose intolerance or milk allergy.
Contains citrus pectin for improved mineral absorption.
No artificial colors or flavors.
No preservatives.
No wheat (gluten).
No tree nuts.
✔No eggs.
No soy.

Recommended Usage

From 2 years old  and above: Take 2 gummies per serving. Maximum dosage of 4 gummies per day.