Locking Rubber Pants

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Locking Rubber Pants

Latex Pants with lockable waist and thigh bands. Wide belts on waist and thighs are helping to avoid chafing and binding and offer outstanding comfort. The belts are backed with a cotton ribbon to enable a restrictive tightening. Waistband of the pants is 5cm / 1.96'' wide. Thigh bands are 4cm / 1.57'' wide. Side seam on a M size is 35cm /13.7''. Crotch width is 25 cm / 9.8''.

Material: 0.4 mm

Brighten up your pants with our little padlocks in the popular, Japanese cartoon designs, Hello Kitty, Stitch and Rilakkuma.

The colors that you see in this picture: Color: Semi Transparent Black, Leg & Waist Band: Yellow

Code KD073
Weight 0.46kg


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