Scarguard Repair Liquid

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Prevent New Scar Formation – Shrink Old Scars
Originally developed by a plastic surgeon to help treat the toughest scars that come after surgery, it has since become a trusted solution to prevent, flatten and shrink scars.


Scar treatment works IF it is based on real science.  Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have their patients use Scarguard because they know the science, they care, and they know it gets REAL results.


Before you choose a scar treatment, look carefully at the ingredients. Most are just processed onions or no science oils.

Onion juice cream and oils don’t work. They claim to fix all kinds of scars and stretch marks.  Scars are usually raised and stretch marks are sunken in. How can the same product raise a sunken scar and sink a raised scar?  The claims just don’t make scientific sense!


Scars are nothing more than collagen. Stretching skin by bending your finger or elbow triggers our skin cells to make an enzyme to melt the collagen so scars don’t restrict movement. (Mother nature is pretty amazing!)  The more enzymes your cells make, the more scar tissue is melted. If your skin cells are encouraged to make this enzyme, new scar tissue will be reduced and old scar tissue will be melted flat. Scarguard actively stimulates cells to make enzymes that shrink scars.


Silicone sheets work by pressing on the scar, but you can’t use them 24/7 for long enough because they are ugly and uncomfortable. Cortisone shots stimulate scar melting enzymes, but you have to go to the doctor and they hurt. The right type of vitamin E helps, but that’s not the one you cut in half from the drugstore.


Now that you understand scar tissue, you know that scar treatments that work are designed to stimulate the enzymes that melt it.  Raising these enzymes will flatten old scar tissue and decrease the formation of new scar tissue. So why Scarguard? Because  Scarguard has all these effective treatments in a  paint-on film that is so thin, you don’t even know it’s there. Scarguard works on new and old scars. Simply said, it shrinks scars!


See the independently published papers in respected medical journals.

 NOTE: None of these completely independent, published university clinical studies was performed or funded by Scarguard Labs.

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Scarguard paints on as a liquid with a clean smell like an antiseptic. After about10 seconds, the film turns clear, odorless and starts to work. Paint-on Scarguard once in the morning when you get up at night before you go to sleep. You should start to see and feel the improvement in days as your scar melts away.

If used on the face, it can even be worn under makeup.

Scarguard works on new scars that are forming after surgery / injury and on old scars that are thick or raised.

Scarguard’s proprietary nanofilm technology is a nearly invisible liquid that dries to a film in less than 30 seconds.

Scarguard won’t rub off, wash off, sweat off, shower off or swim off. You can, though, if you want, lift it off with a piece of Scotch tape.

The smell when you paint Scarguard on smells like the doctor’s office. It only lasts about 15 seconds and then the film is odorless. This is an important 15 seconds as it is cleansing the skin before forming the film.

You should apply Scarguard once in the morning when you get up and once at night before you go to sleep. Following the treatment instructions for regular use, you should start to see and feel the improvement within days. Very soon you will be able to forget the scar was ever there.


Scarguard should be applied once in the morning when you wake up and once nightly before you go to sleep. It dries to a film within less than 30 seconds. The doctor’s office like smell is a cleanser that cleans the skin before forming the film. It dissipates quickly. Begin using Scarguard when your wound is completely healed. On older scars you may start using Scarguard immediately. Do not apply to broken skin.

Generally, Scarguard users start to see and feel noticeable improvement within days.


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